Local weather report

Simply go to google.com and type weather:location name – it will show the weather report.

Weather information in websites

Do you want to know more about local weather? Here are some websites that will let you know the current weather report with details information:

Add Weather information in website


Do you have Newspaper or magazine website? You can also add a Weather widget in your website like shown above. Some of mentioned websites above provide the widget code.


Convert Temperature

Some parts of this planet are familiar with Celsius, and some are with Fahrenheit. So you should keep a way open to let the visitors convert temperature to and from Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin. A WordPress PlugIn can show the Temperature Converter. See live preview below ...


Download this WordPress PlugIn - Convert Temperature ! Not only in Newspaper or magazine website, you can use it any post where you publish weather related information


Weather information in Android

Are you using Smart-phone? Two special Apps are available also with detailed weather report.