How to use keyboard as mouse ?

Whether your mouse breaks, runs out of batteries, or if you want to have an alternative way to the cursor, you can use the arrow keys on the numeric keypad. Before proceeding, make sure the Num Lock feature is toggled on by pressing the key until you see an indicator light, or can type numbers with the keypad.

Shortcut in all versions of Windows
·         Press Left Alt+Left Shift+Num Lock on your keyboard at the same time.
·         When the window appears, press Spacebar or Enter.
·         Repeat this process to turn Mouse Keys off

How to use Mouse Keys
The following table shows each of the keys on the Numeric Keypad and how they interact with the mouse cursor. Make sure you're only using the Keypad to execute these actions.

Desired Action
Key Combination
Move up and to the left
Press 7
Move up
Press 8
Move up and to the right
Press 9
Move left
Press 4
Move right
Press 6
Move down and to the left
Press 1
Move down
Press 2
Move down and to the right
Press 3
Select the left mouse button
Press /
Select both of the mouse buttons
Press *
Select the right mouse button
Press -
With the left button selected, press 5
With the right button selected, press 5
With the left button selected, press +
Drag an item
Point to the item, and then press 0
Drop the item you are dragging
Press .